This article focuses on the Verbal Section of your GRE examination and aims at enlightening GRE aspirants on the steps to be taken to ace the Verbal Reasoning section with a score of 160 or more out of 170.

1.      1.Read, Write, Repeat!

Reading is an activity that one must inculcate into their daily lives at the earliest. Reading books in the English language help individuals learn multiple new words regularly, and can also understand the various situations the words can be used in. However, just reading isn’t enough. It is always a good practice to maintain a diary in which you may jot down the new words you discover and frame at least 5 sentences with those words. This helps register the word into your memory and you shall then be able to use it as and when you please.

1.    2.Make The Newspaper Your Best Buddy:

The newspaper is a great source of content for you to understand the language and its usage. You don’t just learn new words, but also discover how to write engaging articles, reports and essays to represent your ideas to the reader. Every morning, make it a ritual to read the newspaper in the English language and fast track your Verbal Communication Practice.

1.      3.Use Flash Cards:

The effectiveness of Flash Cards during your journey to learning almost anything is well-known and regarded amongst educators around the world. Flash Cards are easy and fun to make and use. On your flash card, write down a new word that you learn during your verbal reasoning practice, and prompt for meanings, synonyms, antonyms, or a sentence with that particular word. This is a fun activity that can be down with your friends and family and definitely makes learning fun!

1.    4.Network and Learn From The Experienced:

Ask your friends and acquaintances if they know students who have attempted and aced the GRE examination and ask them if they are willing to guide you. This way, you get to understand the examination with an insider’s point of view, and those who have experienced the exam would give you straight forward facts and reviews, rather than beat around the bush and present a bed of roses. Do your research and prepare a set of questions that you may ask them and give them sufficient time to get back to you with their respective answers.

1.    5.There’s No Such Thing As “Done”:

After your preparation, you may feel like you’ve done enough to ace your GRE exam’s Verbal Reasoning section. However, you can never be too prepared for an exam. We suggest that you practice every single day until the examination and attempt as many mock exams as you possibly can. Practice makes perfect, and perfection is a dream. So work as hard as you can to achieve your dream of scoring above 160 in your GRE Verbal Section.

 The GRE is an exam that can be excelled at if one puts in sincere and sufficient hard work. It may take some time and effort, but the results are always worth it. All the best!

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