Does that any boost give you or edge over others?


Here are some unusual ways that work like a charm yet only a handful of students know about

Captivate audience through a blog

The Internet is the most powerful tool in this era. You can earn a great deal of recognition and respect through it and one of the tools for this is starting your blog. You can use the power of blogging to make a huge impact on your audience, and eventually on the chances of getting into your desired university.

Starting a blog in a genre of your choice allows you to share your thoughts and perspective with the world. This can be handy, as the admission tutors will probably look it up while assessing your application. This is a free source so you don’t even have to worry about the benefits, though you’ll be learning a lot while blogging about your domain. You will be able to reach out to the masses while making your concepts clearer with every other blog you publish. You can share your research and keep others updated through your blogs about the recent advancements and developments in the field.

Set Up Twitter and try to make an Impact

Another tool to help you make your voice heard and make an impact is Twitter. Twitter has become a primary choice for professors of top universities to share their views, learnings, and subject matter expertise with their audience. Some of the best examples are Mark Esposito of Harvard University, who tweets about leadership and motivation. Richard Florida of Rotman School of Management is currently tweeting about innovation in various fields and inspiring many young minds to muster the courage and take a step towards the milestone they aim to reach. These are just a few examples amongst many and it is ever so beneficial for individuals who are captivated towards the lure of social media. This can be particularly useful during your personal interviews or group discussions as you can learn a lot about your mentors from their profiles and favorably use your learnings to get an edge over others in your interviews. You can also join their ranks and make a positive impact if you have a Twitter account.

Make your Facebook Profile private

We can clearly make out from the previous point that a lot of professors and universities have succumbed to the lure of social media and while this can be useful to learn more about them and the universities, the coin can flip against you if they decide to check your online presence. Facebook is a platform where we often post about our likes, dislikes, hobbies, opinions, and the activities that we pursue just for fun. would never want universities to learn about us. Universities choose to avoid students with a controvertial background and unethical behaviour, even if it may not necessarily be so. Hence, you must ensure that Facebook profiles on private, as the first impressions are indeed the last.

Online Tutoring

This might seem a bit odd, but online tutoring is an effective way to look responsible on record. While this will help you grow, you can also score brownie points in the eyes of the admission tutors assessing your application. It proves that you actively volunteer to contribute to the community by teaching, and can reach out to the people and convey your thoughts, and this will reflect your communication skills as well as your clarity on the subject, which are the qualities that are essential for a bright and strong future. 

These are some of the tried and tested ways that can get you a step ahead of other applicants while applying to universities, Remember to add a touch of creativity and empathy to everything you attempt to portray the absolute best version of yourselves.

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