Which is the most-sought country to study abroad in Europe? The right answer is the United Kingdom. It is the home to three of the top 10 universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings for 2020. Moreover, the UK has maintained its reputation of providing the students with exceptional academic quality and internationally recognized degrees. It comes with no surprise that a huge number of students aiming to study abroad have the UK on top of their priority list. 

The impediment that throws many aspiring international students off balance is IELTS. One of the standard examination tests that measure your English proficiency. It is very common for students to receive distressful results even after putting break-breaking efforts and giving them 100%. However, there are some universities, which offer admission even with IELTS, or any other English proficiency exam. 

The ways through which you can get admission in such universities are: 

  1. The medium of instruction in schools: If you received your prior education in schools where the medium of education was English, then you can get admission in some of the universities in the UK. Certain criteria should be met, like, the medium of all subjects must be English except the language subjects and your academic score most be excellent. Also, you might be asked to generate a certificate from your school to verify that you met all the requirements. 
  2. English Examination % in 10th and 12th: Some of the universities might consider your scores in 10th and 12th class examinations. The criteria for admission vary for different universities but the range is somewhere between 60% to 75% in your English exams in high school and senior school. If you have these scores than your mark sheet is enough to prove your English proficiency and you can skip IELTS and other English proficiency exams. 
  3. Online interviews via Skype or any other platform: One more way which can save yourself from the trouble of giving exams like IELTS is an online interview. You can request online interviews in some British universities and they can take your interview via Skype or any other app and judge your concepts and understanding of English. If the asses that your level of English understanding is enough then you might be eligible for admission in the university. 

The top universities in the UK which accept international students based on these skills are : 

  1. Sheffield Hallam University:  providing you with a variety of full-time and part-time courses, Sheffield Hallam University is considered one of the top universities in the UK. A score of 70% or above in class 12th English is considered similar to a 6.0 score in IELTS for Indian students. This is a top pick for students who want to pursue a postgraduate degree in Business related specializations. 
  2. University of Warwick:  often titled as one of the top universities in the World, University of Warwick is situated on the outskirts of Coventry. With a wide variety of disciplines like Engineering, Social Science, Arts, and Medicine, this top university has a course for everyone.  
  3. University of Bristol:  nurturing almost 25,000 students per year, the University of Bristol is more than 400 years old. It was established in 1595 and has since maintained its reputation for providing quality education. They provide direct admissions to Indian students in undergraduate courses as an exception as they understand that a majority of applicants have been taught in English throughout their education.

These are 3 of the most famous and top universities in the UK for getting admissions without IELTS but there are a few more which are really good and famous. They are:

  1. Birmingham City University
  2. University of Bolton
  3. London Southbank University
  4. University of Plymouth
  5. University of Portsmouth
  6. Swansea University
  7. University of Central Lancashire.
  8. University of Greenwich
  9. Aston University
  10. Robert Gordon University

So, this concludes that IELTS isn’t the only medium of getting admission in the top universities in the UK. There are a lot of really easy and convenient ways to get admission in your Dream universities and work hard towards a bright future while exploring various parts of Europe and while having a ton of fun.  

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