Study in the UK – Do you need to think twice?

The time spent in University is full of immeasurable opportunities and memories. This is the time of our lives where we make mistakes and learn from them, discover our passions, grow in ways we never imagined and make bonds that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives. What increases the chances of getting an even better experience is if we are ready to step out a little of our comfort zones and pack up your bags to study abroad. Getting a feel of new culture, languages and a myriad of people can add help us bring out a unique part of our personality.

The UK is one of the best places you can find a university to pursue a fulfilling education. Being home to most of the world’s top universities, UK is a place with a diverse culture and yet no language barrier.

Home to the top Universities


Being home to 4 of the top 10 universities in the world, the UK has the reputation of providing quality education for the longest time. Degree from one of the universities of the UK is recognized and respected all over the world and scholars from one of the top universities in the UK are some of the most highly paid individuals in the world. You will learn immensely and get lots of opportunities to get hands-on experience in your respective field.

Strong research infrastructure


If you want to pursue research, then the UK might be a Mystery Box full of surprises for you. UK’s excellence in research and innovation brings major economic, social, and health benefits both to its population and to the world at large. You can grab this opportunity to learn alongside the most notorious and brilliant minds who think outside the box and who knows, you might crack the code to some of the world’s oldest and most complicated problems.

Work while you study Earning while learning can’t hurt. Can it?

The UK allows students to earn and gain experience while studying and almost everyone grabs this chance. From part-time jobs to internships to training, you can gather a lot of experience to suit up your CV. You are allowed to work around 20 hours per week during term-time, while you can work on a full-time basis during holidays.

This gives you an idea about how to tackle the work environment and lets you prepare for a job even before completing your degree.

Health benefits


All international students who joined a program of 6 months or more are eligible to apply for National Health Services which lets the students focus on their studies without worrying about the medical expenses. This means you’ll be getting access to private wards, emergency services, and a lot of other facilities for free after taking insurance.

Many Universities have special medical facilities for the students too.

Therefore, if you are planning to study abroad then the UK is one of the options that you should prioritize. The points mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons to consider the UK to get your degree.


Which is the most-sought country to study abroad in Europe? The right answer is the United Kingdom. It is the home to three of the top 10 universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings for 2020. Moreover, the UK has maintained its reputation of providing the students with exceptional academic quality and internationally recognized degrees. It comes with no surprise that a huge number of students aiming to study abroad have the UK on top of their priority list. 

The impediment that throws many aspiring international students off balance is IELTS. One of the standard examination tests that measure your English proficiency. It is very common for students to receive distressful results even after putting break-breaking efforts and giving them 100%. However, there are some universities, which offer admission even with IELTS, or any other English proficiency exam. 

The ways through which you can get admission in such universities are: 

  1. The medium of instruction in schools: If you received your prior education in schools where the medium of education was English, then you can get admission in some of the universities in the UK. Certain criteria should be met, like, the medium of all subjects must be English except the language subjects and your academic score most be excellent. Also, you might be asked to generate a certificate from your school to verify that you met all the requirements. 
  2. English Examination % in 10th and 12th: Some of the universities might consider your scores in 10th and 12th class examinations. The criteria for admission vary for different universities but the range is somewhere between 60% to 75% in your English exams in high school and senior school. If you have these scores than your mark sheet is enough to prove your English proficiency and you can skip IELTS and other English proficiency exams. 
  3. Online interviews via Skype or any other platform: One more way which can save yourself from the trouble of giving exams like IELTS is an online interview. You can request online interviews in some British universities and they can take your interview via Skype or any other app and judge your concepts and understanding of English. If the asses that your level of English understanding is enough then you might be eligible for admission in the university. 

The top universities in the UK which accept international students based on these skills are : 

  1. Sheffield Hallam University:  providing you with a variety of full-time and part-time courses, Sheffield Hallam University is considered one of the top universities in the UK. A score of 70% or above in class 12th English is considered similar to a 6.0 score in IELTS for Indian students. This is a top pick for students who want to pursue a postgraduate degree in Business related specializations. 
  2. University of Warwick:  often titled as one of the top universities in the World, University of Warwick is situated on the outskirts of Coventry. With a wide variety of disciplines like Engineering, Social Science, Arts, and Medicine, this top university has a course for everyone.  
  3. University of Bristol:  nurturing almost 25,000 students per year, the University of Bristol is more than 400 years old. It was established in 1595 and has since maintained its reputation for providing quality education. They provide direct admissions to Indian students in undergraduate courses as an exception as they understand that a majority of applicants have been taught in English throughout their education.

These are 3 of the most famous and top universities in the UK for getting admissions without IELTS but there are a few more which are really good and famous. They are:

  1. Birmingham City University
  2. University of Bolton
  3. London Southbank University
  4. University of Plymouth
  5. University of Portsmouth
  6. Swansea University
  7. University of Central Lancashire.
  8. University of Greenwich
  9. Aston University
  10. Robert Gordon University

So, this concludes that IELTS isn’t the only medium of getting admission in the top universities in the UK. There are a lot of really easy and convenient ways to get admission in your Dream universities and work hard towards a bright future while exploring various parts of Europe and while having a ton of fun.  

Explore, Learn and Grow while Studying in Germany

In recent years, Germany has climbed the popularity charts exponentially when it comes to studying abroad. It is the third most popular destination for international student. 

There is an abundance of reasons to study in Germany but the ones mentioned below are enough to make it the top destination for your study abroad plans. 
Almost negligible fees in universitiesIs there somewhere you can study with the investment of minimal tuition fees? Yes! All the public universities in Germany provides free tuition fee for all the international students. You only need to pay a sum of 200–300€ per semester, which covers your university contribution fees, transportation fees, and a few other administrative fees. This sounds too good to be true but this is indeed true and one of the paramount reasons to consider studying in Germany. 
Comparatively low cost of living

The cost of living in Germany is comparably less when compared to other European countries. It costs a student an average of 850€ to spend a month in Germany which includes all kinds of expenses. The biggest expanse in Germany is rent and it is possible to find a rather comfortable home for not so high prices and you can further reduce the expanse of rent by finding someone comfortable in sharing a house/room with you. This can cut your overall expenses to almost half, making it very affordable to live in Germany.
Earn while you learn

If you want to work part time while pursuing your graduation, then you are in luck. The German Law states that any international student can work up to 20 hours per week or 120 days a year. This is a great way to learn new skills and upgrade your knowledge and exposure while earning money to cope easily with your living experiences. You can choose from hundreds of part-time jobs like tutoring, content writing, babysitting, administration, accounting, hospitality, etc. This can help you with more than just your expenses. You can gain experience, which is important while applying for a job after graduation. It also makes you disciplined, makes you independent, and helps you polish your resume.
Foodie’s Paradise 

If you are a food geek than Germany can be the paradise, you were always looking for. The mouthwatering schnitzel and pretzels are just the tip of delicacies that Germany has to offer. There are over 1500 varieties of sausages in Germany and over 1300 breweries, which brews over a staggering 7000 types of beers. If you love pastries then Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or in simple words, a superior version of the black forest will surely melt you away with its rich, spongy, and mesmerizing taste and texture
While there are a few problems like the language barrier and culture shock, they are overshadowed by the rewards and merits of studying in Germany. 
If you want to study abroad, then Germany is definitely one of the most lively and diverse destinations that a student can opt for. In addition, a cherry on top is that it is in Europe, which means that you can travel Visa free across 26 countries. We hope this motivates you to buck up and get ready to explore and experience the greatness of Germany! 


Does that any boost give you or edge over others?


Here are some unusual ways that work like a charm yet only a handful of students know about

Captivate audience through a blog

The Internet is the most powerful tool in this era. You can earn a great deal of recognition and respect through it and one of the tools for this is starting your blog. You can use the power of blogging to make a huge impact on your audience, and eventually on the chances of getting into your desired university.

Starting a blog in a genre of your choice allows you to share your thoughts and perspective with the world. This can be handy, as the admission tutors will probably look it up while assessing your application. This is a free source so you don’t even have to worry about the benefits, though you’ll be learning a lot while blogging about your domain. You will be able to reach out to the masses while making your concepts clearer with every other blog you publish. You can share your research and keep others updated through your blogs about the recent advancements and developments in the field.

Set Up Twitter and try to make an Impact

Another tool to help you make your voice heard and make an impact is Twitter. Twitter has become a primary choice for professors of top universities to share their views, learnings, and subject matter expertise with their audience. Some of the best examples are Mark Esposito of Harvard University, who tweets about leadership and motivation. Richard Florida of Rotman School of Management is currently tweeting about innovation in various fields and inspiring many young minds to muster the courage and take a step towards the milestone they aim to reach. These are just a few examples amongst many and it is ever so beneficial for individuals who are captivated towards the lure of social media. This can be particularly useful during your personal interviews or group discussions as you can learn a lot about your mentors from their profiles and favorably use your learnings to get an edge over others in your interviews. You can also join their ranks and make a positive impact if you have a Twitter account.

Make your Facebook Profile private

We can clearly make out from the previous point that a lot of professors and universities have succumbed to the lure of social media and while this can be useful to learn more about them and the universities, the coin can flip against you if they decide to check your online presence. Facebook is a platform where we often post about our likes, dislikes, hobbies, opinions, and the activities that we pursue just for fun. would never want universities to learn about us. Universities choose to avoid students with a controvertial background and unethical behaviour, even if it may not necessarily be so. Hence, you must ensure that Facebook profiles on private, as the first impressions are indeed the last.

Online Tutoring

This might seem a bit odd, but online tutoring is an effective way to look responsible on record. While this will help you grow, you can also score brownie points in the eyes of the admission tutors assessing your application. It proves that you actively volunteer to contribute to the community by teaching, and can reach out to the people and convey your thoughts, and this will reflect your communication skills as well as your clarity on the subject, which are the qualities that are essential for a bright and strong future. 

These are some of the tried and tested ways that can get you a step ahead of other applicants while applying to universities, Remember to add a touch of creativity and empathy to everything you attempt to portray the absolute best version of yourselves.

Acing the GRE Verbal – Scoring 160+ in GRE Verbal

This article focuses on the Verbal Section of your GRE examination and aims at enlightening GRE aspirants on the steps to be taken to ace the Verbal Reasoning section with a score of 160 or more out of 170.

1.      1.Read, Write, Repeat!

Reading is an activity that one must inculcate into their daily lives at the earliest. Reading books in the English language help individuals learn multiple new words regularly, and can also understand the various situations the words can be used in. However, just reading isn’t enough. It is always a good practice to maintain a diary in which you may jot down the new words you discover and frame at least 5 sentences with those words. This helps register the word into your memory and you shall then be able to use it as and when you please.

1.    2.Make The Newspaper Your Best Buddy:

The newspaper is a great source of content for you to understand the language and its usage. You don’t just learn new words, but also discover how to write engaging articles, reports and essays to represent your ideas to the reader. Every morning, make it a ritual to read the newspaper in the English language and fast track your Verbal Communication Practice.

1.      3.Use Flash Cards:

The effectiveness of Flash Cards during your journey to learning almost anything is well-known and regarded amongst educators around the world. Flash Cards are easy and fun to make and use. On your flash card, write down a new word that you learn during your verbal reasoning practice, and prompt for meanings, synonyms, antonyms, or a sentence with that particular word. This is a fun activity that can be down with your friends and family and definitely makes learning fun!

1.    4.Network and Learn From The Experienced:

Ask your friends and acquaintances if they know students who have attempted and aced the GRE examination and ask them if they are willing to guide you. This way, you get to understand the examination with an insider’s point of view, and those who have experienced the exam would give you straight forward facts and reviews, rather than beat around the bush and present a bed of roses. Do your research and prepare a set of questions that you may ask them and give them sufficient time to get back to you with their respective answers.

1.    5.There’s No Such Thing As “Done”:

After your preparation, you may feel like you’ve done enough to ace your GRE exam’s Verbal Reasoning section. However, you can never be too prepared for an exam. We suggest that you practice every single day until the examination and attempt as many mock exams as you possibly can. Practice makes perfect, and perfection is a dream. So work as hard as you can to achieve your dream of scoring above 160 in your GRE Verbal Section.

 The GRE is an exam that can be excelled at if one puts in sincere and sufficient hard work. It may take some time and effort, but the results are always worth it. All the best!


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