New Zealand is probably on of the most beautiful countries on earth. Not only it celebrates New Year before all of us, it knows how to celebrate life as well.

Almost 1,000 years old university system, 18 world ranked universities and true place to explore European culture and beauty, Spain is an excellent destination to study.

Bonjour! What comes first to your mind when you think of France? The Food, the culture, the wine, the music, the people, the language, Le Louvre or The Eiffel Tower. Well, it’s obvious to think of any of these things or probably all of them when we think of France.

Beers, Language, Cars, Super fast cars come to our mind when we think of Germany. Not to forget German engineering and science makes it the favorite educational destination too. Brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Siemens, Nestle are household names today. That’s the impact of Germany. Let’s explore more on why it’s a top study destination.

This quote by Henryk, a Polish Nobel winning novelist says it all.

What was true about the UK centuries ago, remains true today as well. UK is renowned for its education system, top ranked universities and for producing

World’s second largest country that is blessed with nature’s bounty. Canada was colonized in the 15th century by the French and British hence English and French are the main languages used for communication. It is a land of immigrants and hence very hospitable for the international students as well as immigrants.

USA has been at the forefront of higher education when it comes to international education. Not just the rest of the world but it is also the most chosen student destination by Indian students. More than half of the top ranked universities in top 300 globally call themselves American.


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