There are many medical universities at Belarus. Belarus medical courses are of standard quality, thus the medical universities at Belarus are among the best medical universities in the world…

Armenia is a great location for pursuing higher education as the costs are very affordable. Living costs in the Republic of Armenia are the relatively lower than those of other European countries. Communication costs are also one of the lowest in the entire world.

The higher education system in Romania is constantly being improved. The system is controlled by the Ministry of Education and Research, which ensures that Romanian higher education matches the standards of the rest of Europe.

Guyana gained independence from the British rule in 1966 and officially became a republic within the Commonwealth in 1970.

Georgia is one of the best countries to study. They have wonderful campuses in Georgia that are recognized World-wide. The Standard of Education in Georgia is as high as studying in the United States, Canada, UK or other European countries.

If you want to study in Uzbekistan, then you need to know which of its campuses are right for you. Choosing where to study in Uzbekistan is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia located along the Bay of Bengal. It shares limitations with India and Myanmar and is separated from Nepal and Bhutan by the narrow Siliguri Corridor.

Nepal is a developing country with a vivacious culture and history, a great study abroad choice for anyone interested in social and economic development, the environment, as well as several humanitarian volunteer and intern opportunities.

A newly developed country and emergent market in Asia, the Philippines has welcomed an increasing number of international students in recent years and is also a popular tourist destination – not surprising when you look at those tropical, sunny beaches.


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