Study, Work, Live in South America (Guyana)

Guyana, officially known as the Co-operative Republic of Guyana is a Caribbean country in South America. Guyana is a very strong nation politically, culturally as well as historically and is blessed by nature!

Guyana gained independence from the British rule in 1966 and officially became a republic within the Commonwealth in 1970.

Georgetown, the capital & largest city of Guyana is home to the secretariat headquarters of Caribbean Community (CARICOM), an organization focused to promote co-operation and economic integration among its member Caribbean nations.

English is the official and widely spoken language of Guyana and is used for education, government, media, and services. The native language of majority of population is Guyanese Creole, an English based creole with slight African and East Indian influence but natives can communicate in English-even in the remotest Indian villages.

Guyana students are exposed to an educational atmosphere that is most favorable for higher studies. It provides the opportunity to pursue exceptional medical programs with hands-on clinical training and advanced infrastructure.

American education system and curriculum is followed at the universities also providing provision for clinical rotations in hospitals of United States.

  • 50 % in 10 + 2
  • (45% for SC/ST/OBC) with PCB from a recognized board.
  • NEET Qualified

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